What's the site about?

well... I like playing about with websites!

this is my latest creation, based in part on a template, but with a lot of bespoke design and effort to make it do what I want it to do

it's mainly for fun, but then again - do you need a web page?, I can host your domain too for minimal cost

if that's a yes, then why not use my contact page to get in touch and see if I can help


because I use this site to test things out on, there are a number of ways of navigating around the page content

keep an eye out for + signs (like the one below) which expand content

or tabs, which reveal different sections at a time

sometimes, just clicking on an image can result in a pop up of that image

all of these things make a website look and feel a lot more friendly

The technical bit!

it uses quite a bit of JavaScript, in order to provide background transitions and other overall functions

also, utilising a fixed menu bar at the top and semi-transparent placeholders for the text (like that you are reading) it retains the visual aspects of the background slideshow

what I like about it is the cleanness, keeping things easy to use and easy to navigate

it does push a fixed scrollbar at the right, but that is designed to keep all the graphics evenly aligned

depending on what browser you use determines what the scrollbar looks like; in IE, it should be nearly invisible and black

you can even click the little minimise button in the top right of the page just to watch the pictures!

Need my curriculum vitae?

if you want to see more about me and what I have done, you can do so (and download it!) here

...or contact me here

Who has been here

the last time I amended this site was on and there is a little counter below to tell me how many times the page has been visited too!

I do update the page as often as I can, plus I try all my new things here, worth checking back every now and then to see what's happening